You Deserve To Smile

Way back when I was a young boy, I wanted to just smile when I could. It was a good life of smiling to people you know and was one way of socializing.

Till one day, one woman stopped me on my way to a shop only to tell me how awful it is for men to smile. She said that men deserve to be hard faced and rattled on that men who smile a lot appear like they are retards.


I got it woman, my smile which was too infectious died from then and I became gloomy, less talkative and I guess I also developed low self esteem.

Life changed for me because of this woman, the devil. Years passed and slowly I realized how my smile was needed to show assurance and happiness.


Thanks to my mum because she assured me that my smile was one very beautiful thing about me. I slowly cultivated the culture of smiling back to people who smiled my way or even those I thought to be friends.

Today I am learning to love and you know what? The smile I have for someone is one way I use to show love.


So today I came to tell you to smile a lot, even when times are hard, a smile will always assure someone. Do not allow the devil that lies in people to discourage you from being happy.


Life is stressful; everybody is over and about trying to find a living. I prefer if you would smile a little and show how much you can be “alright” in the midst of all struggles.

At the end of it all, if you do not smile you don’t change a thing but if you do you create warmth in someone’s life.


Like me, I was discouraged not to smile and the devil in that woman ensured I do not experience happiness. You could have gone through a tough time when you had to surrender your happiness for someone’s selfish gains.


Life is all about forgiving, loving again and smiling hard. Do not allow people to determine your peace.

You deserve to smile and let it out for the world to be reassured of peace again.

You do not know how much your smile is needed in this life.



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